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Enhancement Clinic

2019 Enhancement Clinics

The upcoming WFL Clinic are designed to introduce your athlete to all the basic components of Athletic Performance Training and Proper Football Techniques.  Our programming meets the guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine for exercise prescription and is supervised by a qualified professional trainer.  It is advised that all parents verify the qualifications of trainers conducting youth clinics to ensure the safety and benefits for young athletes. 


All Coaches, new and returning, are invited to all enhancement Clinics learn about Coaching technics, drills, player development, skills and player conditioning to develop that winning strategy.    

Enhancement Clinic #1  CLOSED

Enhancement clinic # 1 

Basic Sports Fitness Training & Intro to Proper Football Technique

*May 31st  6-8pm– June 1st, 10am-12pm- (2 Day) 

Price $55.00

All of our clinics begin with a player evaluation including a combination of activities and the results for each will be recorded.  A players evaluation is a tool for measuring progress from day 1 until the end of our summer programming.

This 2 day clinic will focus on introducing proper technique for youth exercise using nothing more than bodyweight or light resistance equipment.  Plyometric (explosive training) will cover basic movements that are safe and specific to football skills.  Agility work will be done using cones and other equipment to create multiple patterns of movement and transitions.  We close our clinics by playing a game to let the players put their new skills to use.  The skills we teach is something your player keeps for life.

Enhancement Clinic #2 is a two (2) day clinic  Closed

Enhancement clinic # 2

Part #2- Basic Sports Fitness & Intro to Football Technique

*June 14th 6-8pm-June 15th, 10am-12pm (2Day) 

Price: $55.00

We get started with player evaluations.  Results will be recorded to create a baseline or to add to previous evaluations.

This 2 day clinic will continue focusing on age appropriate fitness and will be a natural progression from our 1st clinic.  New drills will be introduced to continue improving agility, explosiveness and speed.  This clinic will review the techniques our players have learned and additional skills will be added each week.  We end with a football game so each player can showcase their skill

 It will be set much like an evaluation or combine where each participant goes through a series of drills and the results recorded to create a profile to make it easy to see progression throughout the summer. 

This Enhancement clinic will be run in part by current college level players.

Enhancement clinic will close by playing fun games. 

Enhancement Clinic #3  is a three (3 ) day clinic

Enhancement clinic # 3

*June 28th 6-8pm – June 29 & 30,  9am-11pm (3 Day)

Playmaker: Strength, Explosiveness, Speed & Agility with Fundamental Positional Training

Price: $85.00 

Our third 3 day Enhancement clinic will begin with

  • measurable to add to profile and then move right into fitness using stations that present a little tougher challenge yet are a sensible progression from Enhancement clinic  
  • We will add more explosive work explosive work to this (plyometrics/jump training)
  • Positional training will reinforce the basics from Enhancement clinic 1 and add more specific techniques to be used in varying situations.
  • All positions will be addressed and our trainers will make sure every player has a basic understanding by answering all questions, re-explaining or demonstrating.
  • This Enhancement clinic will also include college players who bring a wealth of knowledge to our programs and the kids really have a great time with them.

Fun Games will also be part of this Enhancement clinic!


Enhancement Clinic #4  is a three (3 ) day clinic

Enhancement clinic # 4

July 12th 6-8 pm, June 13th & 14th 9am-11pm  (3 Day) Advanced Performance & Skills Training-(Tackle/Flex equipment required)

Price: $85.00 

Playmaker:  Next Level, Strength, Explosiveness, Speed & Agility with Proper Football Technical Training.

  •   We will begin with explosive work while the guys are fresh and add a couple of new exercises and increase intensity.  The days fitness will be completed using stations and increasing intensity.
  • Positional training will review the basics, reinforce skills learned and add new skills to the toolbox.
  • Our coaches and trainers will make sure our players understand the skills being presented by covering what’s been taught a second, third or forth time and demonstrating the skill.  Our college guys are great teachers!

Fun Games will be played!

introduction to live Tackle drills with equipment  



Enhancement Clinic #5  is a three (3 ) day clinic

Enhancement clinic # 5

July 26th 6-8pm, June 27th & 28th 9am-11pm (3 Day)

Price: $85.00 

#5 Playmaker:  Advance Fitness & Football Skills Development and Tackling Drills

Football Conditioning & Skills Training- Our 5th Enhancement clinic will be structured like the others. (Tackle equipment required)

  1. Measurables
  2. Fitness
  3. Positional
  • On the final day we will do group work and cover offensive and defensive sets to make sure each player gets to see the big picture and can name and know a little about what each position does.

We recommend attending all Enhancement clinics, however for those that are unable to we will take our time to make sure each player has a great learning experience.


Enhancement Clinic #6  is a three (3 ) day clinic

#6  Fall Football Prep including Strength & Conditioning, Speed & Agility & Positional Skills.

Price: $85.00


Our 4th 3 day clinic will start with final evaluation followed by Strength & Conditioning.  Our focus will be on positional skills for the remainder of our training followed by a football game.



Is to develop all players and increase sports participation.

Now is the time to give your player skills that will ensure their success as they move into school sponsored sports without the added stress of tryouts.  Improved confidence is a byproduct of supervised training programs.

Another 1st for the WFL is our mentoring program where your athlete has access to highly skilled college level players for private or small group training.

These players’ information and accomplishments will be available on the WFL website. 

Flag Enhancement Clinics 2019

Flag Enhancement Clinics


Welcome to the Flag Clinics.

The first of four WFL clinics are designed to give the players the basic skills to participate in the game of flag football. Each Clinic will be specific tailored to a skill set, Quarterbacks, running backs, Wide Receivers and Defensive backs (pulling flags) so players can have full enjoyment of flag football. These clinics will also give an insight to the parents as to what a Practice should look like.

New Coach’s and returning Coaches are invited to all clinics The Clinic will help new coaches on how to conduct a practice. Parents are invited to help in the clinics as well.

Please Note

All Clinics may run over the Time allowed depending on how much fun the players are having


 All clinics will start with a 15 min warm up session

  • Stretching
  • Strength
  • 30-yard Sprints 

Flag Enhancement Clinic #1

Flag Enhancement Clinic #1  

$35.00 Time: 120 minutes

Date; June 15th

Time: 12:30pm to 02:30pm

Quarterbacks skills and Passing Practice

 the objective of the clinic is to teach kids how to properly Grip and throw a football. Teach foot placement and how transfer weight using hip rotation, follow through, recognize a Passing Tree, Target acquisition, Ball placement, Ball retention and broken play recognition. All these skills will give the player a leg up in the game. All clinics will close with fun games or a small scrimmage depending the number of players we have    

Flag Enhancement Clinic #3

Flag Enhancement Clinic #3     

$35.00   Time:90 minutes

Date: July 13th

Time: 11:15am to 12:45pm

Wide Receivers

The Objective of the Clinic is to teach catching a football above and below the waist, as well as over the shoulder, forming of the Basket and the Triangle with the hands, eye contact with Quarterback and the ball, following the ball into the basket or Triangle, catching the ball, Football retention, how to run a Route Trees, field positioning, field awareness, Broken play recognition and foot placement for exploding upfield. The clinic will close with fun games or a small scrimmage depending the number of players we have.   

Flag Enhancement Clinic #2

Flag Enhancement Clinic #2      

$35.00    Time:120 minutes

Date; June 29th

Time: 12:30pm to 02:30pm

Running Backs (Agility)

The objective of the clinic is to teach proper stance, how to receive a handoff and running with a football, explosive running technics, different techniques securing the football, separate from the defender, protect the football, place spinning foot down and explode upfield, pass blocking and pass receiving. All clinics will close with fun games or a small scrimmage depending the number of players we have   

Flag Enhancement Clinic #4

Flag Enhancement Clinic #4     

$35.00    Time:90 minutes

Date: July 27th

Time: 11:15am to 12:45pm

Defensive Backs (Flag pulling)

Open Field Tackling the objective of the clinic is to teach the proper technique of flag pulling, angles of interception, breaking down for the pull, eye contact with the ball carrier and transitioning to the hip/flag, keeping the players center of gravity, missed flag pulls, field awareness and playing the passing defense. The clinic will close with fun games or a small scrimmage depending the number of players we have.   


Mark Burnett