We will be using the same uniform that we used  for the Fall 2021 season.

All cheerleaders MUST have the required uniform items in order to participate at games and events.  The required items from our uniform vendor include the Black and Silver Wylie Cheer Shell (top), the Black Cheer Skirt, the Black Cheer Briefs, Cheer socks, and 2 6-inch Metallic Silver Poms. 

The cost for the above 5 items is approximately $115 plus Tax.   These items are to be purchased directly from the vendor.  A purchase link to the uniform "Locker Room" will be provided to each participant after they attend a uniform fitting (TBD).

Cheerleaders will also need to purchase White Cheer Shoes.  These can be purchased from the uniform vendor or from your preferred vendor.

More information coming soon.